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Sea Isle City, NJ

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Below are links to the "general styles" of Sea Isle City, NJ "houses" that have been built by different builders from the late 1990's through current times.  These houses generally have 4 to 6 bedrooms (some 7 bedrooms), 3 to 4.5 bathrooms, central A/C, gas heat, hardwood floors, granite counters, garage and usually 2 to 3 floors of living space.  Click for typical layout of houses.

Check with the Sea Isle City Construction office on these specs:  (.8% of the square footage of a lot).  .A "typical" "buildable" townhouse lot is 5,000 square feet (50 wide X 100 deep). A lot that is (50 wide X 100 deep) can have townhouses with a front deck or decks only, no rear decks.  A lot that is (50 wide X 110 deep) can have front and rear decks.  Set backs are: front set back is 15 feet from the sidewalk to the start of the front deck or building if no front deck, rear set back is 20 feet from rear property line to the rear of the building or the start of the rear deck, side set back is 15 feet total with a minimum of 5 feet from one side property line.  (So side set backs can be 7.5 feet each side or at a minumum of 5 feet on one side and a 10 feet on the other side).  The maximum height of a building - Check with the Construction Office as this has changed.

According to the zoning, only a "single house" can be built on a lot that is less than 5,000 square feet.  Only two units can be built on a 5,000 square foot, or larger, piece of ground.  Anything different must go before the Sea Isle City "Zoning Board" for approval / variances.

This information is deemed to be accurate but not guaranteed.  Contact the Sea Isle City "Construction Office" at 609-263-1166 to verify any of this information.  The web master here nor the web site www.iLoveSeaisle.com is not a member of the Sea Isle City "Zoning Board" and does not represent the Sea Isle City "Zoning Board".  The "Construction Office" is located at 4508 Park Rd. (old school) along with City Hall and the Police Department.

Generally, developers are building the "biggest building" zoning will allow on the properties.

Click on the links below to see the different "styles of houses".
Single Houses  Side-by-Side Townhouses  Side-by-Side Townhouses - CORNER MODELS  Duplexes - 1st & 2nd Floors or Top & Bottom 

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